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Primecoin World Records Broken

Have you been following Primecoin since July 7, 2013?  if not, we got some outstanding news to announce to you.  The Primecoin Network Has Broken Three World Records in just a few short weeks of launch.  This is an amazing achievement especially with anyone looking to jump in early enough before the big boom/media announcement. Primecoin XPM has been one of the most innovative altcoin/cryptocurrencies ever.

This is a strong statement because it has proven to reach up to 0.018 [BTC/XPM] which is about $1.80 USD.  These records have been hanging on the wire for the last two months getting ready to reach out Science/Technology Media/Sponsors to release this press release to the public.  Why is primecoin XPM a strong cryptocurrency? These numbers can be used for future development of technology, and the data that goes with it, can certainly bring more innovation of Science + Technology working together. This is what the world wants, and it is on DEMAND daily.  Why not be a contributor to it, and make money?  This is Primecoin… Read the conclusion at the end and look at the world records broken below.

The world records broken (most notable) have been released below, and you can contact the thread here for more official updates from Sunny King:

Primecoin just recently broke another world record, the 13-Primes:

Sunny King:

On September 10th, only two months after Primecoin started its operation, it achieved yet another important milestone with a record-shattering 13-primes.

The record prime chain is found at block 159217, with a 94-digit Cunningham chain of 2nd kind as its proof-of-work. The new world record has already been confirmed by Jens Kruse Andersen, the maintainer of world’s simultaneous primes record book. Primecoin now holds 4 out of the 21 existing world records in simultaneous primes, namely the 10-primes, 11-primes, 12-primes and 13-primes records, while the old-time favorite distributed computing network GIMPS (Great Internet Mersenne Primes Search) holds the 1-prime record with its 17-million digit Mersenne prime discovered in January of this year.

13-Primes 94-digit Cunningham chain of 2nd kind as its proof-of-work on September 10, 2013

12-Primes: 97 digit Cunningham chain of 2nd kind, discovered on July 21, 2013

11-Primes: 116 digit Cunningham chain of 1st kind, discovered on July 26, 2013

10-Primes: 138 digit Bi-Twin chain, discovered on July 27, 2013

Source: Primecoin Network Has Broken Three World Records

This is big news for the Primecoin Network, and its miners.  Anyone looking to help Press Release this out to other companies is to contact Sunny King on BitcoinTalk

Share this news, like it, and make a comment below.  Primecoin will soon be the positive of the Cryptocurrencies outlet. No longer will Primecoin look like the illegal bitcoin activity charm. It is innovative, it is safe, and it has given its users the ability to contribute to future developments of technology/science together.